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About Green Portal

Despite the fact that the amount of necessary information on renewable energy sources is more than sufficient, it is hard to find a complete and up-to-date platform that will gather everything needed to introduce someone to renewable energy technologies.

SKILLBILL’s Green Portal operates as a platform that helps people understand renewable energy technologies and GreenHouse Gases’ (GHG) impact on climate change.

This platform provides in an intelligible and coherent way all information, for photovoltaic, wind and geothermal energy, biofuels (biomethane, bioethanol and biodiesel), gasification and biomass combustion. Furthermore, Green Portal points out how adopting the proper technologies on every day life accelerates mitigation of climate change.

What is the scope of Green Portal?

Being a validated, inclusive, dynamic and open depository and network for educational videos, interviews with business leaders and training lectures for each technology and several levels of details

Increasing the value and involvement of female talent in technology, innovation and scientific research, combating stereotypes and gender discrimination

Ensuring that the next generation technology will meet the citizens needs and expectation together with the environmental requirements

Connect to Green Portal

If you want to visit Green Portal please follow the link below