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SmartCity Expo World Congress. The SmartCity Expo World Congress, held in Barcelona from November 7-9, 2023, is a major event for urban innovation. It brings together innovative companies, cities, governments, and other stakeholders to discuss and shape a more sustainable urban future. Covering topics like mobility, waste management, and cybersecurity, the expo acts as a global platform where innovative solutions for future cities are showcased and explored.

Amongst innovations, PEDAL Consulting (Pedal)  played a crucial role at the expo. They presented a range of transformative projects at the OPENIMPACT stand, focusing on city procurement, circular bioeconomy, sustainable upskilling (including the notable SKILLBILL Project), battery innovation, and responsible AI in civic participation. PEDAL’s participation not only highlighted its dedication to innovation but also showed a genuine effort to contribute to smarter and more sustainable urban environments.

SKILLBILL Project was among the standout projects. Our project presented by PEDAL, illustrating our  commitment to driving positive change towards a greener and more sustainable future. The expo provided a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with these projects firsthand, gaining valuable insights into the future landscape of smart cities.

Pedal’s presence in the SmartCity Expo and particularly the presentation of SKILLBILL, goes beyond the ordinary. It demonstrates a collaborative effort toward smarter and more sustainable urban environments. This commitment to innovation and the tangible contributions to urban development underscore Pedal’s role as a catalyst for positive change. As cities worldwide deal with the challenges of the future, Pedal’s initiatives, including SKILLBILL, stand as beacons of hope, guiding the way towards resilient, intelligent, and sustainable urban futures.