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Coordinated by Q-PLAN International, the SKILLBILL project takes a significant step towards a sustainable future with the successful conclusion of the 1st Electricity Working Group (WG). With the collaborative efforts of 11 experts in renewable electricity, this interdisciplinary team worked carefully to bridge skill gaps and labor market shortages in the field of electricity.

Mission and Objectives — The mission of the specific WG, along with the rest of the SKILLBILL project, is to drive effective decarbonization of the energy sector and deploy renewable energy innovations. We focused on developing skills required for sustainable renewable energy and electricity technologies, providing recommendations for regulatory changes, and formulating guidelines for education and training programs.

Lighthouse Expert — Under the guidance of Mr. Dirk Hendricks, the Electricity WG has navigated through the complexities of renewable energy. His leadership as the Secretary General at the European Renewable Energies Federation (EREF) has been crucial in shaping policy dialogues and advocating for the expansion of renewable energy.

1st Meeting Highlights — The 1st Meeting of the Electricity WG, held on November 17, 2023, proved to be a dynamic platform for identifying solutions to drive the development and adoption of renewable electricity. We delved into SKILLBILL’s project scope, sparking insightful discussions. Here are the highlights of the session:

  • In the first session of the WG, experts explored existing EU and national initiatives aimed at enhancing skills development. This included delving into funding opportunities, such as the Just Transition Fund, and engaging in policymaking discussions regarding certification, diploma recognition, and strategies for attracting international talent. The session also addressed measures to promote gender balance within the renewable electricity sector.
  • The second session of the WG focused on recommendations. This involved brainstorming and exchanging ideas, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at driving the development and adoption of renewable electricity.


The meeting concluded with a comprehensive wrap-up, summarizing key takeaways and ensuring that outcomes align with the overarching goals of the SKILLBILL project.

Key Recommendations and Insights — The group put forward key recommendations, ranging from subsidies for innovative projects to the establishment of a dedicated European Academy on Renewables. Insights from discussions highlighted key areas, including funding, community engagement, practical skills training, and the empowerment of young people in the renewable electricity industry.

While the 1st Electricity WG has successfully completed its tasks, we look forward to continued collaboration and progress through semestrial online meetings, mobilization and mutual learning workshops, and a plenary meeting scheduled for the coming months. Stay tuned for further updates as the project unfolds and future WGs contribute to the renewable energy transition.