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Step into the world of sustainable energy with SKILLBILL’s latest video, offering a glimpse into the project’s vital role in creating a green and sustainable future. Collaborating with partners from 6 countries over 3 years, SKILLBILL leads the way in renewable energy innovation and education.  The video offers in-depth information on SKILLBILL’s dedication to meet the evolving skill needs in renewable energy. It emphasizes the importance of skill development for everyone – citizens, technicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. Focusing on both soft and hard skills, the project aims to provide people with the knowledge to speed up the use of renewables.

Discover the diverse offerings of SKILLBILL, from collaborative initiatives like the Joint Stakeholder Initiative to the educational hub, the Green Portal, filled with valuable resources on renewable energy. The video highlights SKILLBILL’s education programs, designed to empower technicians, designers, and researchers, fostering a sustainable and circular economy. In addition, the video showcases the Vocational Education Training Program, offering individuals an opportunity to learn or enhance skills in renewable energy. Last but not least, SKILLBILL’s commitment to gender equality in STEM is also highlighted, showing a well-rounded approach to creating a diverse and inclusive future.

Our video gives you a glimpse into what SKILLBILL is all about: promoting innovation, enhancing job satisfaction, and contributing to a sustainable economy. To learn more and be part of our journey, check out our website and connect with us on social media!

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