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The method

The successful completion of this process will be carried out with training and education tools. SKILLBILL follows an effective methodology to facilitate the participation of both adults and young people in learning activities for the acquisition of scientific, technical, entrepreneurial and digital skills that are vital for getting involved in RES.



Steer the development of a greener, more effective and pervasive next generation of sustainable Technology

SKILLBILL creates interdisciplinary working groups to discuss on technological and non-technological barriers for RES penetration with the involvement of industry, academia, government and civil society organisations – “Joint Stakeholder Initiative”

Launch the point of reference for qualitative information on RES and promote and accelerate the development of sustainable solutions

SKILLBILL develops an inclusive, dynamic and open depository and network for educational videos, interviews with business leaders and training lectures for each technology and several levels of details – “Green Portal”

Develop an advanced permanent education program on RES at European level

SKILLBILL launches an education program for the upskilling of technicians, designers and researchers on renewable energy with additional focus on circular economy, performed by several universities along with industry – “European Master”

Develop a technical practical permanent Vocational Education Training program on RES

SKILLBILL establishes new training courses on-line and/or using virtual reality for people looking for new or updated competences on RES – “Vocational Education Training Program on RES”

Reduce gender gap in science, technology, engineerings and mathematics (STEM)

SKILLBILL’s Green Portal includes a dedicated section to increase the value and involvement of female talent in technology, innovation and scientific research, combating stereotypes and gender discrimination

Increase awareness on RES

SKILLBILL works on the increasing awareness, fighting fake news and consequently improving acceptability on RES