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Jointly RESkilling towards sustainability


SKILLBILL foresees the creation of a Stakeholder Joint Initiative, engaging stakeholders of all involved consortium countries, deriving from the whole value chain of Renewable Energy Systems.

The Stakeholder Joint Initiative will be formed via a co-creation workshop.  Stakeholders will be involved to offer their transdisciplinary knowledge for the benefit of the project.

Furthermore, their insights will be collected during dedicated interviews.


The mission of the Initiative is to develop a large and strong foundation for the growth and acceleration of renewable energy development, with a view of a greener, more effective and pervasive next generation of sustainable technology.


Under the tasks of the Stakeholder Joint initiative is the creation of 4 interdisciplinary Working Groups to:

discuss on technological and non-technological barriers for RES penetration with academia, industries, public authorities, and citizens involvement
push the development of the next generation techs towards the sustainability and circularity and
align priorities and needs in the whole value chain of RES (from designers, tech providers, to end-users).

Each Working Group will focus on a targeted thematic.

The thematic focus will be on Solar Energy,  Biofuels & Renewable fuels, Wind Energy, and Fuel Cells.

The Working Groups will incentivize and expedite the adoption of sustainable renewable energy and fuel technologies, encompassing ‘‘circularity by design’’ principles, and give meaningful directions for regulatory shifts.

They will also address the identification of new jobs for the next generation of sustainable renewable energy and the skills required for these.