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Skill to Boost Innovation and professional fulfiLLment in a sustainable economy


SKILLBILL seeks to raise awareness and the level of education among academia, industry, decision-makers and civil society on the urgent need decarbonize our societies through extensive deployment of renewable energy sources (RES). This will be achieved by improving skills that can be applied in future-proof labour markets, in university education and research, as well as in innovation and the formulation of better policies that emphasizes, amongst others, bridging the gender gap.

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project news
November 29, 2023

Unlocking a Sustainable Tomorrow: Explore the SKILLBILL Promo Video

Step into the world of sustainable energy with SKILLBILL's latest…
project news
November 20, 2023

SKILLBILL Takes the Spotlight at SmartCity Expo Barcelona 2023: Showcased by PEDAL Consulting in Urban Innovation

SmartCity Expo World Congress. The SmartCity Expo World Congress, held in…
project news
November 13, 2023

Meet Οur LightHouse Expert: Mr. Daniele Groppi

We are thrilled to introduce Mr. Daniele Groppi, the final…
project news
November 7, 2023

Meet our LightHouse Expert: Dirk Hendricks

We extend a warm welcome to Mr. Dirk Hendricks, our…

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Bridging the gender gap in renewable energies

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