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We are delighted to share the tremendous success of our co-creation workshop held on June 14th, where a diverse group of 32 participants, including external stakeholders, experts on renewable energy across the quadruple helix, advisory board members, and consortium partners, came together with a shared vision of advancing renewable energy.

The primary focus of the workshop was to establish four thematic working groups, each with a unique emphasis on critical aspects of the renewable energy sector. These working groups will serve as collaborative hubs, facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise among experts and enthusiasts alike, and their Focus is summarized in:

  1. Sustainable and Renewable Electricity& Skills Gap impacting its full deployment potential
  2. Sustainable Mobility& Skills Gap impacting its full deployment potential
  3. Sustainable and Renewable Heat & Skills Gap impacting its full deployment potential
  4. Sustainable and Renewable Fuels & Skills Gap impacting its full deployment potential

With the formation of these strategic working groups, we aim to harness the collective intelligence of industry professionals and specialists. Their valuable insights will guide us in navigating the challenges and opportunities within the renewable energy landscape. These groups are set to convene on a regular basis, fostering an environment of continuous learning and ideation. By engaging the brightest minds in the field, we are confident that our co-created initiatives will pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in renewable energy, with ultimate goal to identify gaps and skills needed for the next generation of renewables energy, along with the translation in education needs of the advanced technologies.

The enthusiasm and commitment displayed by all participants during the co-creation workshop were truly inspiring. As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite experts and individuals passionate about renewable energy to join SKILLBILL Working Groups, formulating the active Joint Stakeholder Initiative and follow us in our endeavor to shape the future of sustainable energy.  Experts may express their interest on participating in our Working Groups here. Together, we will explore innovative solutions, address industry complexities, and lay the foundation for a greener and more sustainable world. We eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions of these working groups as they delve deep into their respective domains, propelling us towards a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable energy future.