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The European People’s Party (EPP) has unveiled its strategic vision for the European Commission’s 2024-2029 Work Programme, emphasizing a balanced approach to climate action and economic growth. The EPP’s draft plan reaffirms its commitment to the EU’s decarbonisation goals for 2030 and 2050, focusing on transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy. The plan includes transforming the Green Deal into a “Green Growth Deal,” aimed at achieving environmental sustainability alongside economic competitiveness and energy security.

In its strategy, the EPP underscores the principle of technological neutrality while detailing specific initiatives. These initiatives include boosting international hydrogen production, forming an industry alliance on small modular nuclear reactors and investing in carbon capture, storage and usage technologies. Additionally, the plan aims to develop market rules for carbon trading and establish a clear, technology-neutral definition for low-carbon hydrogen. The EPP also seeks to revise the EU’s ban on combustion engines by 2035, advocating for the use of alternative zero-emission fuels and calls for a new EU strategy to include e-fuels, biofuels and low-carbon fuels.

The EPP’s plan further proposes an ‘Investment Plan for European Jobs’ to drive innovation in clean technology. This plan includes regulatory exemptions for climate-neutral businesses, increased investment in cross-border power and gas links and a new EU strategy for critical raw materials. Balancing environmental preservation with economic interests, the EPP suggests revising the protection status of wolves and bears, separating agricultural pollution from the Industrial Emissions Directive and pausing the deforestation regulation. This comprehensive approach aims to secure Europe’s leadership in sustainable development while supporting economic growth.

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