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Discover the groundbreaking technology that turns any light source into power, making batteries almost unnecessary. California-based Ambient Photonics has been at the forefront of indoor solar cells since 2019, enhancing performance and reducing costs to make this eco-friendly solution accessible.

Indoor solar cells, “printed” in versatile sizes and shapes, are poised to reshape the landscape of everyday devices, from remote controls to wireless keyboards. By drawing power from shaded natural light and artificial sources, these low-light solar cells continually recharge devices without the need for plugs or batteries.

Already integrated into products by Universal Electronics and Chicony, Ambient Photonics’ indoor solar cells aim to reduce electronic waste, keeping  batteries behind. The California hub, one of the world’s largest low-light solar cell manufacturing facilities, is set to expand, meeting the increasing demand for this sustainable technology.

Explore the details of this revolutionary technology on source link and join the movement towards a greener, battery-free future!