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SKILLBILL and SEANERGY Join Forces to support Clean Energy Worldwide!

SKILLBILL and SEANERGY projects have established a new synergy that aims to transform clean energy hubs worldwide.

In October 2022, the SEANERGY Project was launched to create the SEANERGY Master Plan (MP), which serves as an information and guideline aggregator for all port industry stakeholders. This plan allows them to assess, plan, and execute necessary activities while serving as the main reference for port institutions preparing environmental and energy planning documents.

The project focuses on training, reskilling, awareness spreading, and communication channel creation to create dialogue spaces among all agents of the industry (academia, private and public). These efforts aim to boost the development and integration of green technologies, along with preparing professionals who can manage and implement them promptly, securely, and efficiently.

SEANERGY Master Plan will consider variables such as hydrogen, waste, water, electricity, carbon dioxide, and steam, selecting the most promising synergy scenarios between the environment, cooperation, and business viability. By identifying resources that can be shared in the port region, the Master Plan will identify the most promising scenarios for a green transition in the industry.

To support the implementation of the SEANERGY Master Plan, the project will develop a SEANERGY Handbook (HB) that will be a tool for Master Plan users worldwide. The handbook will provide video modules to explain the key aspects of each section and support the adaptation of information to the regional context.

The SKILLBILL and SEANERGY projects’ joint efforts promising  a clean energy future worldwide!

Discover more on SEANERGY on project’s website and social media