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Skillbill’s recent Fuels Working Group meeting, held on May 13th, delved into the world of sustainable fuels, aiming to identify regulatory shifts to support cleaner energy solutions. Led by our dedicated Lighthouse Expert, Esa Toukonity, the discussion focused on various types of sustainable fuels and their applications in today’s energy landscape.
The meeting was structured into smaller parts covering road transport, fuel quality, shipping and aviation and emphasized the importance of regulatory support for sustainable fuel adoption. Participants discussed the challenges and opportunities surrounding liquid and gaseous biofuels, considering factors like technology readiness and feedstock availability. Key activities included brainstorming sessions, knowledge exchange and co-creation of recommendations aimed at fostering a favorable regulatory environment for sustainable fuels.
The approach followed during the meeting comprised five key steps:
  1. Identification of regulatory shifts
  2. Detailed specification of regulatory shifts
  3. Discussion on recommendations based on identified shifts
  4. Prioritization of recommendations using collaborative tools like Miro
  5. Finalization and prioritization of recommendations
Outcomes from the meeting included six impactful recommendations aimed at fostering a supportive regulatory environment for sustainable fuels. These suggestions included giving financial help for the purchase of hybrid cars, supporting the use of combustion engines for new sustainable fuels and encouraging people to buy cars that run on methane gas. The meeting also emphasized the importance of public awareness campaigns to educate individuals about the benefits of sustainable fuel adoption. These suggestions show that there are many ways to improve transportation and that rules and support from governments can make a big difference.
Overall, the working group provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities regarding sustainable fuels. As we continue our mission to drive progress in renewable energy innovation, stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards upskilling and reskilling the renewable energy sector!