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The European Specialisation School in Sustainable Energy, established as part of the Horizon Europe SKILLBILL Project, is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable energy. With the ambitious goals set out in COP-27, there is an urgent need for well-trained professionals who possess comprehensive knowledge of renewable energy technologies, sustainable mobility, and the socio-economic implications of the energy transition. This article will delve into the mission, approach, and offerings of SKILLBILL’s innovative educational initiative.

At the heart of our mission is the recognition that sustainable energy is the cornerstone of a sustainable future. Our goal is to cultivate proactive professionals who can spearhead the energy transition. By equipping them with a deep understanding of renewable energy technologies, sustainable fuels, and mobility, as well as socio-economic aspects like circular economy and the social costs of unsustainable energy, we aim to empower these professionals to drive meaningful change.

The European Specialisation School in Sustainable Energy embraces a unique teaching approach that provides students with an immersive international environment, drawing on the collective expertise of four leading European universities: University of Tuscia, Utrecht University, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, and University of Seville. Students have the opportunity to learn through cutting-edge teaching concepts and engage in practical applications through supervised work, laboratories, and design activities. To enhance the learning experience, augmented and virtual reality technologies are employed, allowing for immersive remote access to laboratories and self-study using augmented reality content.

The School caters not only to experienced practitioners already working in the field of energy transition but also to fresh BSc and MSc graduates. The curriculum is designed to be accessible both on-site and remotely, offering live streaming, remote interaction with the class, and recorded materials. Moreover, the School facilitates collaboration with leading industries and research institutions, providing students with valuable practical experience and networking opportunities.

The European Specialisation School in Sustainable Energy offers a comprehensive range of courses, focusing on various aspects of the energy transition. Vertical pillars concentrate on each technology related to energy transition, ensuring in-depth knowledge, while horizontally integrated pillars provide a broader perspective and encourage innovative energy design and research. In addition to the main teaching courses, the School also offers monograph talks on topics such as European financial instruments, EU regulatory frameworks, citizen participation, and essential soft skills derived from stakeholder involvement within the SKILLBILL project.

The European Specialisation School in Sustainable Energy stands at the forefront of energy transition education, equipping professionals and graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of sustainable energy. By fostering an international learning environment, leveraging advanced teaching concepts, and incorporating practical applications, the School is paving the way for a carbon-neutral future. Through the collaborative efforts of leading European universities, the School is driving the energy transition and empowering individuals to lead the charge towards a sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.

Learn more on SKILLBILL’s European Specialization School reading the respective deliverable on the syllabus here (currently under review phase). Feel also free to download the leaflet for our Specialization School.