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Making Progress: Highlights from SKILLBILL’s latest meetings

By June 13, 2024project news

SKILLBILL recently achieved a significant milestone with the successful completion of its 4th consortium meeting and 1st review meeting. Held at the EREF offices in Brussels, these sessions were marked by insightful discussions and impactful presentations, highlighting the project’s commitment to driving sustainability and skill development in Europe and beyond.

The consortium meeting provided a platform for comprehensive discussions on all SKILLBILL activities, outcomes and future plans. Partners reviewed progress, ensuring smooth alignment and progress across various project initiatives. Notably, discussions revolved around innovative solutions developed as part of the SKILLBILL project, including Vocational Training Solutions, the establishment of the Green Portal and ongoing Policy Initiatives aimed at influencing EU-level policies for sustainable skills development.

During the review meeting, partners showcased several innovative solutions developed as part of the SKILLBILL project. From Metropolia’s presentation on SKILLBILL’s educational VR software to Unitus’ updating on the progress of our EU Specilization Program, this meeting marked the success of our activities so far in the half of project’s lifespan.

These discussions and presentations underscored SKILLBILL’s commitment to driving positive change and shaping the future of renewable energy education. Looking ahead, SKILLBILL remains dedicated to advancing its mission of sustainability and skill development, with continued collaboration and innovation.

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