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As part of the SKILLBILL European Master Specialization Program, we are pleased to feature another vital course for this semester: Sustainability in the Context of Transitions. This course is designed to tackle the various facets of sustainable development and address the challenges that businesses face in integrating sustainable practices into their daily operations.

Emissions from various industries significantly contribute to climate change, creating an urgent need for sustainable practices. This course provides students with a solid understanding of sustainability and circularity as essential concepts for effective technology application. It emphasises the economic aspects of energy transition, such as job and investment opportunities, financial aspects and public support schemes. During the course, students gain insights into the tools and techniques needed to evaluate and assess the sustainability of company processes. This understanding helps students recognize the contributions and limitations of energy transition technologies in promoting a sustainable society.

The course, coordinated by Dr. ir. Jesús Rosales Carreón from Utrecht University and co-taught by Dr. Javanshir Fouladvand, develops a system-thinking mindset. Students improve their communication skills related to global change issues, increase their understanding of sustainability concepts and learn effective methods to advise businesses on sustainability assessments. The course encourages critical reflection on the role of science and technology in society as an ongoing, adaptive process. Additionally, the program includes an introductory lecture followed by three main themes: fundamentals of systems thinking, sustainability challenges and assessment. Students explore the social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability, equipping them with the tools and insights to assess the potential and obstacles of technologies and processes needed for a sustainable world.

Through SKILLBILL’s dedication to advancing education in renewable energy, the Sustainability in the Context of Transitions course provides students with the expertise needed to address sustainability challenges across different sectors.

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