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RES4CITY is a Horizon Europe action that aims to develop an innovative framework to support the mass deployment of renewable energy systems and fill the educational gap to create specialized human capital that contributes to the green transition.

The action recognizes that particular attention needs to be paid to urban areas since most of the EU population is concentrated in cities where the consumption of resources (i.e., energy, water, land, etc.) has been steadily increasing. RES4CITY’s overarching goal is to enhance the development of sustainable renewables and fuel technologies in cities by promoting sustainability and circularity and by deploying an innovative educational programme co-designed with stakeholders to develop highly skilled human capital. With a consortium of 17 partners in 8 EU countries and Switzerland, RES4CITY aims to allow for results with high replicability across different educational systems.

The digital educational framework proposed by RES4CITY is based on micro-credentials and centred on the open-education principle targeting the knowledge integration of young STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and non-STEM graduates (i.e., Bachelor, Master, and PhD) and the reskilling of professionals from a wide variety of industries and career paths, including individuals with STEM and non-STEM backgrounds.

The aim is to provide inclusive opportunities for mothers, women and working classes who cannot follow a traditional education pathway. Such an ambitious goal is achieved by a coordinated effort between RES4CITY and industrial stakeholders to create an array of relevant micro-credentials covering identified knowledge gaps, covering different levels of knowledge, from background concepts to specialized topics. Students and professionals can cherry-pick micro-credentials to bridge their knowledge/skill gaps using an integrated AI self-assessment tool, and a certificate of accomplishment will be provided to the students.

The ultimate goal of RES4CITY is to equip students ready to enter medium-high managerial/technical career paths with up-to-date multidisciplinary knowledge in sustainable renewable energy and fuel technology, regardless of their field of study. This will support the bottom-up push towards the energy transition and achieving EU 2050 targets in decarbonization.