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On 7-8 February 2023, the SKILLBILL consortium gathered in Helsinki, Finland for their second project meeting, hosted successfully by METROPOLIA. The meeting marked the end of the first semester of the project, which had started in September 2022, and paved the way for the next activities, which will resume in the third project meeting in summer 2023.

During the meeting, all Work Package (WP) and Task leaders had the opportunity to present in detail the work they performed during the first semester, including the main challenges they faced and the results of their activities. Special emphasis was placed on describing thoroughly all activities undertaken under each WP, especially for those that had already evolved.

In particular, all research activities that are currently ongoing under the framework of WP2 were discussed in detail. This included the implementation of semi-structured interviews with stakeholders to inquire more about awareness levels and perception regarding novel technologies on renewable energy systems, as well as best practices applied in renewable energy education and training. Also, under the same work-package, an update was given for the evolvement of our Stakeholder Joint Initiative.

The activities performed under WP3, which focused on the development of the Green Portal, were described by the coordinator, AzzeroCO2. In addition, all the organizational steps and current planning on the EU specialization program and the Vocational Education and Training program were presented to all consortium partners to keep everyone updated on these two assets .

Finally, the main dissemination and networking activities and their results were also presented in detail to the consortium partners. This included an overview of the project website, social media channels, as well as the various forseen synergies with other related projects and initiatives.

The presentations of the WP and accomplished work gave all partners the chance to bring up potential challenges, mitigation measures, and creative ideas on how to address critical aspects during the next semester. It also allowed partners to identify how each task feeds into other activities, creating a sense of common responsibility for the sound execution of all work packages.

METROPOLIA provided the consortium with a tour of their facilities, which included the opportunity for consortium partners to engage with virtual reality for both education and entertainment. Overall, the meeting was a great success, providing valuable insights into the progress of the project and setting the stage for continued success in the next semester.

Keep an eye out for an exciting second semester ahead!

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