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Celebrating One Year of Empowering Education & Training towards Sustainable Energy !!

By September 4, 2023project news

In the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy, the SKILLBILL project has made significant strides inĀ  its first year, setting the stage for a sustainable and inclusive future. Supported by the European Union as part of the Horizon Europe program, this cross-national Coordination and Support Action has embarked on a three-year journey (01/09/2022-31/08/2025) to address the growing need for new skills in the renewable energy sources (RES) field. SKILLBILL also aims to engage citizens and stakeholders, irrespective of their initial level of education, working position, or gender, in the world of renewable energy.


The project took off with great enthusiasm during its kick-off meeting in September 2022. Partners from various countries convened in Rome, Italy, on September 15th, 2022, to officially launch the project and share their ideas for its successful implementation. The atmosphere was one of collaboration and determination, setting the stage for the project’s ambitious goals.


In the first six months of the SKILLBILL project, significant progress has been made towards establishing a strong foundation for its successful implementation. Key activities included the development of essential documents such as the Project Management Plan and Data Management Plan, ensuring efficient coordination and handling of project activities. A comprehensive Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plan was also developed, ensuring that the project operates at the highest standards and effectively manages any potential risks. Additionally, the Dissemination and Communication Plan was set in motion, outlining strategies to effectively share project updates and outcomes with stakeholders. To create a recognizable identity for the project, a distinctive logo and graphical identity were carefully crafted, reflecting the project’s objectives and values. Furthermore, the launch of the project’s website provided a central platform for sharing information, updates, and resources with a wide range of audiences. These accomplishments in the first six months lay a solid groundwork for the future success and impact of the SKILLBILL project.

One of the key strengths of SKILLBILL lies in its ability to establish synergies with other related projects. Notably, partnerships were formed with projects such as W4RES, RES4CITY, SEANERGY, ALFA, and FEMPOWER. These collaborations foster knowledge exchange and the pooling of resources, amplifying the impact of the collective effort.



In February 2023, the SKILLBILL consortium reconvened in Helsinki, Finland, for its second project meeting. The meeting, hosted by METROPOLIA, marked the end of the first semester and set the stage for the upcoming activities. The consortium reviewed the progress made and charted a path forward, preparing for the third project meeting in the summer of 2023.